Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Okay, I can't hold it in any longer. I love this video. It's total lip-synching goodness, of course, but it's a great song and the band and the audience really sell it, especially drummer Clem Burke. You can feel the energy. Gotta dig the fashions of a bygone era, the sunglasses, the goofy dancing guys and most of all, Debbie Harry (Duh!). Love her hair, dress and general sweatiness. Quick poll for this video, Debbie Harry: a) Total Hottie? or b) Skank? My vote's for Totally Hot Skank.

(Quick note for those who want to throw stones at the sexist bastard: I believe that women and men are equal as human beings, should be equal under the law and that Debbie Harry is a Totally Hot Skank in this video.)


Church said...

I'm fairly sure that's the look she was going for, so no worries.

Elke said...

I agree with Church, to whom I would be happy to read. She owned that look.

It's good to see her getting play again. I was a bit too young to get it the first time Debbie Harry came around, but luckily my sister was older & cooler, and brought home music. I was playing my parents' old Supremes albums (about all I was allowed to play without parental supervision) when she brought home Blondie & blew my mind. There could be an interesting discussion in there about differing models of femininity...for maybe a different comment page. The sister is still older, and possibly still cooler.