Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Buggy Whips

I don't talk to my siblings much. If you told me I had an hour of conversation with either of my brothers in the last year, I'd be surprised, And, unlike my sisters, they live in my county. They're great guys, but we're just from different planets.

I got a voicemail from my oldest brother a couple of weeks ago, telling me that vampires and zombies are hot right now, and I should think about writing something about them. I left him a message thanking him, but explaining that wasn't my thing. He left another message today while I was at work and I called him on my lunch break. He wanted to make sure everything was going okay and then told me I should really think about the vampire/zombie thing. I told him that if I was in this to make money, I would have gotten into banking. He said that I could be making the best buggy whips in the world, but nobody's buying buggy whips.

Since I'm not going to change his mind and I'll never make him understand, I took the best course I know: I agreed with him and thanked him. After all, he wants the best for me and he is right. Nobody's buying buggy whips.

However, in case you're an artist who does it first for the love and you're now thinking to yourself, "Say, he is right. Why the hell am I making buggy whips?" Here's why.

What if making buggy whips made you happier than anything else that you could do? What if you won the lottery, never had to work another day in your life, and decided to make buggy whips anyway? What if one of the other great things in your life was to show off the buggy whips you made to people who really appreciate buggy whips and hear them say, "Man, that's a fine-ass buggy whip?"

I'm not saying I don't want money. I want lots of money, but I'm not going to chuck my art and produce product that doesn't mean anything to me in order to get it. That's what my day job is for. If you like making ignition keys, then by all means, make the shit out of some ignition keys. I'm cool over here. Seriously. I'm loving what I'm doing.

And for the love of whatever you deem holy, people, stop whipping those poor buggies.


Snard said...

I'll stop whipping those buggies if you stop igniting those keys!

Steve said...

This piece of music by Heiffervescent pretty much makes the same point.


Unknown said...

What about Vampire Buggy whips? Shiny, sparkly vampire buggy whips.

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Mike, it's an addiction!

Steve, good song and great band name.

Ira, definitely not my type of buggy whip, but you bring up an interesting point. Did Stephanie Meyer do it for the love or the money, or both? I'm not judging, but I am curious.

Anonymous said...

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