Saturday, March 17, 2007

54, 55, 56

Just watched "The Sword and the Sorceror" with my wife. I loved it as a kid and, once again, I learned what poor taste I had as a kid. At least we got a few good laughs out of this one. Of all the movies of this genre that we little D&D dweebs ate up, the only one that I still can enjoy is "Conan the Barbarian." True, I haven't seen "Hawk, the Slayer" in a long time, but I'm sure it blows now. I don't need to rescreen it.

I just realized the other day that since I had submitted three of the stories from this blog to an EscapePod flash fiction contest (A contest in which I could have received cash money, had I won, which I didn't), I have stories 54, 55, and 56 in the bag, and that without hardly trying. Now, because everyone always gets this wrong even though it's posted up above, I'll explain it once more:

The One-Thousand refers to my goal of writing and submitting one-thousand stories to people who I think might publish them. They are not necessarily the stories that I have posted on this blog. In fact, only a few of the ones posted here are among the one-thousand. I am now up to story 56, after the addition of "The Golem," "Second-Hand Smoke," and "The Prophecy."

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