Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Want To Hug And Kiss You All

And maybe stick my tongue in your ear. Wait, you should clean that first.

What am I celebrating? Not a thing. Just feeling a bit pervy.

How appropriate. As I'm writing, my wife and son are watching "V for Vendetta" and I'm screwing around using the excellent Firefox plug-in, Stumble Upon, and I find the even more excellent "Politics and the English Language," a magnificent article by George Orwell. Read it here. This is a great guide for any writer and a great guide for those who want to identify political bullshit as it is spoken and written. After reading this article a few years back, Orwell became one of my heroes. If "1984" didn't make it obvious, Orwell knew. He knew how much power words held, and how governments kick us in the balls again and again because they know it and most of us don't. In that book and this article, he's teaching us. Please educate yourself.

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