Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Lesbian Dog

After eight years, our mutt has finally discovered who she really is. For the last seven months she's fought constantly with the pug that we bought last summer. That all ended today when she suddenly started licking the pug's vagina. Since that initial encounter early this afternoon, she's gotten more action than I have in the last month. I've had gay dogs before (or at least bisexual males), but this is my first lesbian. She doesn't seem to be very good at love-making yet, since the pug hardly realizes anything's going on, but give her time.

In other news, I just went to the grocery store and heard Rush (Fly by Night) playing on Muzak. On the one hand, I though this was nifty, as Rush is one of my favorite groups. On the other hand, I'm somewhat saddened, because now Rush is considered tame (and lame) enough to be played at the grocery store.

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