Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bubba Ho-Tep

The job really gets in the way of real life. Stupid money!

I've got to get on the stick and start reading, reading, reading for the next Fiction Crawler. There's one in the hopper already, I mean the one after that. I've got writing to do, clothes and dishes to wash, a bathroom to clean . . . Let me just stop saying things so I don't depress myself.

Not much here. Dog turned ten today. The family had a mini-party for her. Not the sort of thing we usually do, but ten is pretty good for a dog. I don't think I ever had a dog that lived that long, or that I've owned that long.

Saw Bubba Ho-Tep today. The movie rocks! It is just fucked-up crazy. I didn't know it was rated R when I rented it. I brought it over to the former wife's house and said, "Hey everyone, we have to check out this film!" The first three lines of dialogue were so foul my teenagers actually left the room, and we're not exactly born-agains. The former wife loves Bruce Campbell and the two of us loved the film. It's based on a Joe R. Lansdale story. Check it out.


Diane Severson said...

I've been meaning to tell you about this for a few days: I recently discovered a new-ish resource for free online (mostly) SF:
The Book View Cafe -

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

Thanks, Diane! Maybe I'll find something for the Fiction Crawler here.