Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Am Officially Damaged Goods

The divorce was finalized today. I want to make it a point to refer to Bianca as my former wife rather than ex-wife. I feel 'ex' can have some unpleasant and hateful connotations about it. What we've got now is far from unpleasant and hateful. We get along much better now than we did when we were living together. The whole family gets along better. There's some bittersweetness there, of course. Just the idea of breaking up the marriage and the family and such will cause that. But I'm hopeful for the future. I think the separation and the divorce was in everyone's best long term interest. We still love each other and now we can support each other in our new and different directions rather than each pulling the reluctant other our way. So that's that. For the statisticians we met each other twenty years ago last month, began dating a few months after that, bought a house seventeen and a half years ago and married about two years after that.

The future will be interesting. If you live long enough all sorts of crazy things can occur. I'll let you know.

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