Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Veritable Cornucopia Of Wonderfulness!

Another new joint for Twitterfic: Jetse de Vries' Outshine. Here's the Twitter page. Here's the submission guidelines. Here's the catch: It's got to be optimistic. He's only printing one story a week, but it pays five bucks. Good luck!

Today I wrote a draft of a quick little something for that flash series I mentioned yesterday. I need to flesh it out just a tiny bit and then it will be done. It came out nicely. Maybe I could do a series.

Wambie food!

A guy at my job who works on short films tried telling me about this last week. Now SF Signal has some video. Looks very cool. A modern feature-length animated movie that's not played for laughs? Thank you, Jebus!

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Church said...

Optimistic flash? That's the moment right before I open the raincoat, right?