Friday, December 12, 2008

Dead Folks

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Question: What do these two people have in common? Van Johnson and Bettie Page

Answer: Had you asked me about them last week, I'd have been sure that they were already dead.

Do you guys have this problem? Are you certain that you heard a famous person was dead when they're actually still alive? Maybe they do die, but pop back into existence due to Hollywood magic or zombie dust. Two more names: Abe Vigoda and Nell Carter. I'm sure they died multiple times. I'm not talking about being resuscitated on the operating table. I'm talking dead and buried, formaldehyde in the veins, then getting back up for a couple of years, maybe doing a little work before checking out again.

I know it can't be just me. Who were you sure was dead that wasn't? Throw us a comment.

Okay, I'm not nuts. I just checked Wikipedia to confirm the spelling of Abe Vigoda's name and found this whole section on false reports of his death. Now, you know I have to check Nell Carter.

. . . (time passes)

No false reports listed there. But that woman had a crazy-ass life. Married a mathematician and lumber executive? Who does that?


Church said...

What's the difference b/t a 'follower' and just subscribing to the RSS feed?

Matthew Sanborn Smith said...

The major difference is if you subscribe to the feed, I can't call you a follower. It's really just a power trip you see. It goes back to Dungeons and Dragons. You'd get enough followers and you could build a castle or maybe it was the other way around,. My D&D days are twenty-five years behind me. Anyhow, just follow me so I can have my castle, okay?

Diane said...

Hey Matt, I'm sure there are plenty of famous people I thought surely must be dead by now. Most recent one is Gordon Lightfoot. Just got a greatest Hits CD in which I also found out he's been recording and performing all these years and I had no idea.

And BTW, follow me too!