Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thought I Had More To Say

Sold my two St. Patrick's Day stories to Thaumatrope and sent two Easter stories: Out of One Basket (81) and Grass Monkey (82). Every day is a holiday at Thaumatrope submissions. It's the happiest place on the net.

I've decided to stick with The One-Thousand (the goal, I mean). If I meet the goal in a way I hadn't expected, then so be it. When it's done, I'll set another goal, that's all.

Man, I was certain I had more to say. Maybe I'll say something else later today.


Church said...

It's funny, I had a flurry of ideas when I started twitterfiction, and lately... not so much.

Lately, they're more first lines than actual stories.

Grant said...

I've had a St. Patrick's day accepted too. 'Twill be a grand day, to be sure. And definitely not full of lazy stereotypes...