Thursday, October 05, 2006

Examined Shards From A Shattered Mind

by Matthew Sanborn Smith

He wanted to live on the wind. While he walked the dog, the first good stiff breeze he'd felt in months sealed it. A kite house tethered on the windy plains sprang to mind.


Shea felt like scrubbing bubbles, but they always burst before she got very far. Too many people wanted too many things and there was too much to do before lunch. She threw up. Then she through up. Up through the roof and she savored the sunlight gleaming on her royal blue ceramic skin.


The pigdeer snorted a mix of gasoline and nitrous oxide and ignited it with a gnash of his tusks against his antlers. He exploded backwards and rocketed through the treesin an approximately three mile trip along the shoreline. It evolved the defense to protect itself from pointy blades of grass.


The super paste tasted better than any previous paste but sealed so tightly that most people didn't live to try another dollop from the popsicle stick. Fearless researchers discovered this through fatal accident after fatal accident.

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